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Former Washington County Sheriff Cory Pulsipher dies following 'courageous battle' with cancer - St George News

Sheriff Cory Pulsipher

It is with deep sadness that we share the news that our beloved former-Washington County Sheriff, and Member of the Utah Sheriffs' Association, Cory Pulsipher, has passed away after a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer.

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Mike Smith
Welcome to the

Utah Sheriffs' Association

During the past 28 years of my law enforcement career, I have had many opportunities to serve and work beside great people. The bulk of my career was spent working in a police department. I was able to work through the ranks of that department and serve as the chief of police. This provided many opportunities to serve, but none compare to serving as an elected sheriff.

It is an honor to serve as one of the 29 elected sheriffs in Utah. We have faced some hard times in our State and Nation during the past four years that I have served as a Sheriff. I would love to be able to say we are through the hard times, I cannot. But, knowing all 29 Sheriffs stand united in protecting our State, our communities, and our Constitutional rights brings comfort. Working with the sheriffs of the State of Utah has been and continues to be an honor and highlight of my career.

It is an honor to serve as the president of the Utah Sheriffs’ Association. I am excited to work with our  executive team consisting of Sheriff Tracy Glover, Sheriff Kelly Sparks, Sheriff Travis Tucker, and Sheriff Chad Jensen. We will press forward to provide quality training to our deputies. We will continue to work closely with legislators to encourage laws that provide safety to our communities as well as protect the Constitutional rights of all. We will continue to ensure we work with national partners, monitor national issues, and fight to preserve the freedoms and rights we all enjoy in the Great State of Utah.

Scott Burns Bio
The Utah Sheriffs' Association Announces its new

Executive Director - Scott Burns

I must begin by thanking Sheriff Paul Wimmer, former President of our Association, and the Board Members (Sheriffs’ Steve White, Nate Curtis, Chad Jensen, Tracy Glover and Steve White) with whom I interviewed and who saw fit to recommend my name to all 29 Utah Sheriffs to serve as your Executive Director.

I am humbled by this appointment and excited to hit the ground running as I truly believe we can make the Utah Sheriffs’ Association one of the best Sheriffs’ Associations in the country ~ a model for others to look to at a time in America where every aspect of law enforcement, and corrections, is being scrutinized and often criticized.  That said, if we stand together and work together, we can accomplish anything as we protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens in our respective counties.

I want to thank my friend Sheriff Aaron D. Kennard (Ret.) for his good work as our Executive Director and I want to tell you that he and I are already working together to ensure a smooth transition.  I have known Gary W. DeLand for over 30 years and, while he is a man of few words, he already has me up to my eyeballs reviewing information, prioritizing challenges and battles, and offering to do anything he can to make sure our Sheriffs’ Association builds on the past and kicks down the door to the future ~ and if anyone knows more about corrections, or law enforcement policy and case law, I’d love to meet her or him.  I have known, and worked with, Reed Richards since the 1980’s and he is one of the smartest attorneys I’ve ever known, and he also happens to be just a great person; Reed has committed to show me the ropes on Capitol Hill and knowing Reed, he will be there for the Sheriffs’ Association whenever and wherever asked.  Helen Spann, I don’t have to tell the Sheriffs, is a national treasure ~ Helen and I have already met a number of times (stationary changed, cards, bank account, scheduling, vision for the future, roles and expectations, etc.) and I’m telling you, she is sharp, and she is beyond loyal to every man and woman in Utah law enforcement and corrections.  With President Wimmer and the Board, with Gary, Reed and Helen, and with the help and support of our 29 elected Sheriffs and everyone reading this message, we cannot fail.

I want to work hard to expand membership and participation, ensure that current and relevant training opportunities are available, make certain that our folks have the most current equipment and technology out there, be present and relevant during the legislative session to make certain that our voice and priorities are heard, and action taken, and all of this in order to keep our citizens safe and keep our officers safe.

I suppose I am to use this message to introduce myself for those of you who don’t know me, and I’ve never liked this part of assuming a new position as I’m not sure how anyone does this without sounding self-serving or arrogant but a brief bio is Iron County Attorney from 1987 – 2002 ; served President George W. Bush as the Deputy Drug Czar from 2002 – 2009, twice unanimously confirmed by the US Senate; while serving as Deputy Drug Czar, I also served as America’s Sports Minister as we dealt with “doping in sports”; selected as the Executive Director of the National District Attorneys Association from 2009 – 2014 therein representing the interests of American’s 2,500+ elected District and County Attorneys and some 39,000 Deputy Prosecutors; and in 2014 I made the leap of leaving Washington, D.C. to open a private law practice in Cedar City, consult for a company or two … and take the best job I’ve ever had, Piute County Attorney, aka working for Sheriff Marty Gleave.  My Dad, the Honorable Judge J. Harlan Burns was a District Attorney and then District Judge, back in the day when there were true “Districts” in Utah (counties he served were Juab, Millard, Beaver, Iron and Washington) and I travelled with him when I was very young … I basically grew up in the Courtrooms of this state and so you can see why I am so honored and excited to serve as Executive Director of this great Association.

I look forward to meeting the newly elected Sheriffs, catching-up with other Sheriffs I’ve known for decades, meeting staff and deputies and corrections officers from across the State and then doing everything I can to serve “you” as “your” Executive Director.