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Garfield County Sheriff

Contact: James D. Perkins
Work P.O. Box 370 or 375 North 700 West Panguitch UT 84759 Work Phone: (435) 676-1182 Work Fax: (435) 676-8239
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I started my law enforcement career in 1987 as a Corrections Officer for Garfield County. A few years later, I became Deputy and served as a Deputy until the end of 2006. Because of my love for Garfield County, I decided to put my hat in the ring for Garfield County Sheriff and was voted in for the position in January 2007, and have been the Sheriff of Garfield County ever since.
I have lived in Panguitch Utah my whole life. I was raised by great parents. I got married to my high school sweetheart, Michelle. We raised three children and now have five grandchildren. I own a farm and love taking care of the cattle and crops.
Garfield County is a very large county and I am very proud to say that I have seven full time Deputies, two of these Deputies are K9 Officers, who do an exceptional job in each of their areas. As any sheriff knows, it is the staff that keeps things running so smoothly.
I am also very proud of the Garfield County Jail. We have had the jail since January 2000 in which we house State and County inmates. There are twenty Corrections Officers that are very dedicated to their jobs.
Garfield County is a great place to live. We have a wide variety of beautiful and diverse places for the people to recreate, including the beautiful red rocks in Bryce Canyon, the forested mountains, and many water falls such as those in Calf Creek and other slot canyons where the public can go out and hike. With all this beauty, we have many Search and Rescue’s in our county which I am proud to say we have an exceptional Search and Rescue Department for our area.
We have a portion of three National Parks, along with portions of three National Monuments in our county. We have hundreds of thousands of visitors visit our county every year. I will strive to keep our federal properties available for all interests. We welcome everyone to come and enjoy our beautiful county.
I love Garfield County and the people within in it. We have our trials like any other county but as long as I am Sheriff of this county, I will work my hardest to control any and all issues that might arise and protect the people of our county.

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